7 List Building Opportunities You Might Be Overlooking

September 23, 2017


Even smart, savvy marketers can often overlook list building opportunities for email marketing. With so many moving parts involved in business, collecting emails can sometimes slip through the cracks. In an effort to minimize this marketing blunder, here are seven suggestions you should be making the most of:


1. Create a Great Free Offer


These days, every website offers a free newsletter, so you need to go at least one better if you wish to stand out. A free ebook or ecourse on a hot topic in your niche or a time-saving worksheet will help encourage people to join your list.


2. Make the Most of Your Blog or Site


Make it easy to subscribe for anyone who comes to your site. Email marketing services should offer a range of types of forms. The most common is the inline form, where you put the sign-up coupon on a landing page (commonly referred to as a squeeze page) and they register from there. 


However, there are other kinds of forms that can be made site wide, so they can register from anywhere. The most familiar one is the pop-up; a small screen that appears in the middle of your page. There is also a lightbox that will darken the screen apart from the sign-up form unless they fill out the form or click to close it.


3. Make the Most of Your Social Media Sites


Firstly, you should have a full, detailed profile at each of the social networks you participate at, such as Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Twitter. Link to your offer right in your profile. Link to your offer in the content you publish. Use the tools available, such as being allowed to put a subscribe button on your Facebook page.



4. Host Webinars


An exciting live event online can drum up a lot of interest. Ask people to register in advance and to give their name and email address. Once they are on the list, get them excited to attend. Ask them to send in questions. Send them reminders of the time and date of the event. After the event, follow up by inviting them to learn more, such as by signing up for a free ecourse that gives them further information about the topic.


5. Leverage Your PowerPoint Decks and Videos


If you have any PowerPoint presentations on your computer that don’t contain highly classified information, why not share them? Post them on SlideShare.net and cross-promote the content at your LinkedIn profile (LinkedIn owns SlideShare now). In your slideshow description, link to your email marketing page. In your LinkedIn profile, also link to a squeeze page with a free item of broad appeal.


6. Press Releases


This is more of just a sub task of number five but once you create your great free item, write a press release about it and link to your squeeze page. This can help to increase the success of this strategy.


7. Form Joint Venture Partnerships


With joint ventures, you would find someone who worked in your niche who was not a direct competitor. You mail one of their offers to your list, and they email one of your offers to their list. It is a great way to expand the reach in your niche, because you already know that the people on their list are interested in the offer.


By putting these 7 list building opportunites into practice, you can really fill up your funnel. Now, what you do with these contacts once they are in the funnel will either make this a very profitable excercise or a complete waste of time. If you need help with qualifying leads and bringing them through the sales process, contact us and a consultant will be glad to help.

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