Website Design That Improves Your Customer Experience

August 17, 2017


These days, it isn’t enough to just have a website or blog. You also need to have one that improves your customer experience and makes them want to come back for more. 


The two types of content you will be creating are informational and promotional. In most cases, a site that is only promotional is not going to keep interested readers coming back for more. The trick is to balance the two. The secret is also to make your sales content contextual - that is, related to the informational content.


Sites and Blogs


All marketing these days is content marketing. It is just a case of the type of content. Whether it's the words on the page or a video embedded in your page, all your content can drive sales if you create a great customer experience. Imagine you are running a site about quilting, and selling supplies. The free informational content you place on the site will lead to the paid products you want to sell.


Making Things Easy to Find


Have navigation running down the right-hand side of every page to make it easy for people to find things. Don’t put it on the left. If you do, the search engines will think all your pages are the same. Have a visible search box as well. Use categories and tags (that is, keywords) to make it easy to find content. 


If you are designing an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) based site, this will mean a lot of coding. A WordPress-based website or blog might be a better option. In this case, choose a theme (template) that is clear, easy to use and matches the color scheme you would like for your business.


Make It Mobile Friendly



Some themes are more mobile friendly than others. The main

considerations are that your site has to look great even on a small smartphone screen. The links need to be either buttons or text that is large enough, and not too close together, for a person to be able to click on the screen with their finger.


Choose a Sans Serif Font


Sans Serif is easier to scan when someone wants to read quickly. Also, you may want to try Verdana or Helvetica.


Choose a White Background and Black Text


Anything else is hard to read and looks unprofessional. The only exception is highlighted text which you want to make stand out in a colored box. In this case, canary or pale blue are acceptable in terms of usability, even for people with vision challenges.


Use a Limited Number of Colors


One or two accent colors are fine, such as red or dark blue, but don’t make the site look like a quilt of color.


Interesting Headlines


These headlines should capture their attention and also be optimized by using the top-performing keywords in your industry. This will help your customers to find what they are looking for.


A Clear Call to Action


Every page you create should have some sort of call to action, such as "Read more", "Subscribe", or "Buy now". You may want to try using pop-ups that add some value to your customers such as a "Sign up for a FREE copy of our Ebook" or "Subscribe to receive valuable industry insights." 


Images or Video


These will attract attention and give your customer more information. By adding more video and images instead of webpages that could probably be converted into a book, you are communicating that you value your customer's time by delivering information in a way that can be consumed quickly.


Make sure you include all of these elements at your site and on each page of content, and your site visitors should keep coming back for more.

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