Five Types of Facebook Ads and Tips for Using Them

August 7, 2017


Facebook has almost two BILLION monthly users! That's right, 2,000,000,000. If you are not already advertising there, chances are you are missing out on one of the best ways of connecting with your target audience. Not only does it have a huge user base, the Facebook ad system is highly targeted. 


If you have a small ad budget and not a lot of time, Facebook ads are far better to try than Google AdWords, the main pay-per-click (PPC) network on the internet. It is cheaper too, so you get a better return on investment and more targeted traffic, which means a better chance of getting more subscribers and sales.


But before you rush over to Facebook to start creating ads, it is important to understand the different types of ads available. You might run only one type, or several at a time. Let’s explore each of your choices.


1. Page Promotion Ads


You can promote your Facebook page in order to try to get more page likes and follows. Once a person follows you, they will be able to see your posts. This means they can engage with them. The more likes, shares and comments you get, the more Facebook will reward you, with exposure to a larger and larger percentage of your target audience. 


Your followers’ activities such as shares will also make your content more visible. It is really easy to promote your page. Just set your budget and target audience. These ads will appear in the main Facebook feed when a person logs on to their homepage, and on the right-hand side (called the rail).


2. Post Promotion Ads


Boosting a post is one of the easiest ways to create an ad. When you start posting content at Facebook, you will start to see a message that evaluates how popular your content is. It will usually say something like, "This post is 90% more popular than your other posts". Click to boost the post. Set your budget and target audience. These ads will appear in the main Facebook feed when a person logs on to their homepage.


3. Ads You Create from Scratch


For these ads, you need to provide:


* An image
* A headline
* A description
* A URL to click through to


If you don’t have great images, not to worry. Facebook ads are linked to Shutterstock, a popular stock image site, so you can get high-quality images for free. Set your budget and audience. Your ad will run on the right rail and on Instagram too if you choose.


4. Carousel Ads


Carousel ads, as the name suggestions, allow ad images or videos to rotate in the same space. You can rotate the headlines, links and descriptions, with calls to action as well. Users can scroll horizontally on a desktop (that is, from side to side), and vertically on a mobile (up and down). A carousel is great if you have a number of products you wish to sell, and serves as a small but busy shop window for your business.


5. Canvas Ads


A canvas ad allows you to put a variety of content together all on one page, such as text, images, and videos. Use the tools at Facebook to create an impressive brand showcase.


Now that you know about the five main types of ads, take the time to create one of each and track your results. If you need any help with creating effective Facebook advertisments, feel free to contact us and one of social media consultants would be glad to work with you.





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